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Finance Manager

Finance Manager

This job is in San Diego, CA:

Finance Manager

This person will support our accounting and finance team with financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to the overall company growth strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems, SEC regulations, and legal / vendor issues all designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

As summary of duties but not limited to

Finance Responsibilities

Full understanding with account systems and tax regulation and interface with Company Controller who handles the historical events and reporting. This person is responsible for long-range strategic financial planning and budgeting, monthly management reporting and analysis of financial statements, reviewing for accuracy on all filings and investigating if necessary, SEC, forecasting to name a few in order to provide guideline and direction, communicate with auditors and responsible for directing financial actions with GAAP.

Directs the preparation of operating metrics, sales forecast, etc, works with our, Director of Strategic Planning to Reviews/writes/ edits / creates all legal documents and correspondence for the company. Negotiates, and monitors vendor issues involving the company to obtain the best possible cost. Coordinate with legal counsel as needed. Report financial results to the Board of Directors, investor relations, and stock administration issues. Prepares quarterly Board Meeting materials and company update materials. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications – The candidate should have a degree in Finance or Accounting 3+ years of progressive responsibilities with a publicly traded corporation. Full understanding of Qwick Books, Problem Solving Abilities, Leadership Skills, and Strategic Vision, Cash Management, Financial Accounting, and Corporate Finance Competence, Strong Work Ethic.

Send your cover letter and resume in word format.

Salary is open based upon the person’s background and experience.

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