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Internet of Things

IoT devices and mobile apps use the latest in 3G/4G LTE technology to help keep track of important assets simply and securely.

IoT Solutions


Pintrac Pet LTE Tracker

Using the Live Tracking feature allows you to monitor your pet/asset once they have left the Safe Zone. Pintrac and App is the only LTE Tracker to allow true Real-Time Tracking, using the most reliable and precise technology. Share access to your pet/asset with other authorized people, like family and friends. As many persons as you want.

Real Time Tracking and Notifications


Pintrac Drive LTE OBDII

With easy plug and play the OBD device is compatible with virtually any car manufactured after 1998 and connects easily to US and International 4G LTE networks without the need of an installation technician. Once installed, the device provides on-demand live vehicle tracking, high-speed alerts, vehicle health diagnostic data, collision detection, air quality monitoring for Carbon Monoxide and other contaminates, and a host of other features and functions.


Vehicle Diagnostics and Alerts


Have More Questions?

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