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Franklin T720G
Home Phone Connect

T720G is a 3G (CDMA voice) and 4G (VoLTE) dual-mode voice terminal that provides a landline-like experience to customers who want to replace landline service or additional telephone lines. Instantly connected without running wires, the T720G is also an ideal solution for temporal or emergency location voice service.

4G LTE Connection with a Landline Experience


The T720G uses cellular network technology that is known for its high level of security. The T720G uses a unique coding system to encrypt each call, which makes it much more difficult for unauthorized parties to intercept or listen in on calls. This can be particularly important for businesses or individuals who need to keep their communication private.

Better Call Quality

The T720G provides high-quality voice calls, with minimal background noise and few dropped calls. This can be especially important for people who use their mobile phones for work or other important tasks, as it helps to ensure that calls are completed without interruption.

Network Coverage

The T720G technology allows multiple users to share the same frequency band simultaneously, which can result in better network coverage in areas with high population density. This makes T720G an ideal technology for providing voice service in urban areas, where many people need to be able to make calls at the same time.


• CDMA 1x Voice Call / VoLTE Voice Call

• Caller ID

• Call Forwarding

• Call Waiting

• Three-Way Calling

• DTMF Recognition

• Emergency 911 Supported


• Qualcomm MDM9607 + WTR2965

• 1.77" TFT Color LCD Display (160x128px)

• 2100mAh Lithium-ion Battery

• Micro-USB for Charging

• 128Mb RAM

• 128Mb Flash

• Linux

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