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Why Use a Hotspot?

Although using your cell phone as a mobile hotspot might at first seem to be a good option, it might not be the best for many reasons.

First thing to consider is battery life. Using your cellphone as a mobile hotspot will not only eat up your data allowance, but will quickly drain your battery. If this were not enough, consider failure to turn off hotspot function leaves your phone network visible for others to try to connect to your phone.

The final consideration before adopting your phone as your mobile hotspot is speed. Although cellphones are designed for fast connectivity for single use, internet sharing can actually result in slower connectivity to the phone and all connected devices.

The reality is this, Mobile Hotspots have been proven not only to provide reliable connectivity, but to secure a faster greater range of connectivity for multiple devices. Whether you work remote, travel or want a convenient internet option for your next trip, Franklin Mobile Hotspots like the T10 at T-Mobile and JEXtream RG1100 5G at CSpire are great products to check out!


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Dimitri Pollich
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