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Pintrac MDM Provides Total Control Content Filtering

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Pintrac Mobile Device Management (MDM) has proven itself to be a great solution for business and educational institutions managing high volumes of mobile hotspots remotely. This cloud-based platform is not only reliable but also effective to keep remote workers, educators and students connected securely. As Franklin Wireless continues to lead the way in cloud technology, Pintrac with Web Titan™provides customizable content filtering options.

Enterprise Group Business Manager, Jennifer Schwartz notes, “Pintrac MDM with WebTitan Content Filtering is making it so much easier for schools to give their students the tools they need to plug into 21st century learning. A one stop shop that helps them secure, manage, and deploy with peace of mind.” This combined solution gives the ability to set up and monitor deployed hotspots, get alert notifications when certain categories are attempted, and gives customers simple to use blocking and allowing tools. On top of the many Pintrac MDM features, users can filter things such as:

  • Adult – Nudity, Pornography, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling.

  • Social Media - Social Networking Sites, Games, Chat/IM.

  • Malicious - Compromised Sites, Phishing/Fraud, Spyware, Spam.

  • Aggressive - Hate Speech, Violence, Weapons, Illegal Drugs.

Franklin Wireless looks forward to continued and future partnerships, to help businesses and education institutions stay connected.

For more information on Pintrac MDM visit


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