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Cloud Back-End Engineer  
Node.js, AWS, Lambada

January 4, 2023

Cloud Back-End Engineer  


Franklin Wireless Corp is a well-known company whose leaders rank among the most successful Wireless and Wired communication industry. We are a product-led company, whose mission is to deliver an amazing product built specifically for 5G Products. We are hiring talented software engineers to build a collection of cloud-based remote management solutions and services. Engineers who are passionate about innovating and driven to deliver exceptional experiences are an ideal fit for this role.


  • Must be familiar with setting up and maintaining microservices or serverless back ends (specifically AWS Lambda) with Node.js

  • Must be familiar with cloud databases, both relational (RDS) and NoSQL (DynamoDB)

  • Must be familiar with Github and working with CI/CD pipelines through several stages in pre-production (dev, staging, QA, etc) for active projects

  • Experience with designing, developing, monitoring, and debugging distributed systems

  • Must be able to write maintainable/scalable/efficient code

  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

  • Fluent in back-end development and distributed systems

  • Good unit test and integration testing principles

  • Product and Team-first mindset

  • 3+ years of experience

  • Strong understanding of:

    • AWS platform and services

    • GraphQL, REST APIs principles, protocols & verbs

    • Messaging protocols & queues like RabbitMQ / ActiveMQ

    • Design patterns

    • Data modeling around complicated relationships

    • Exposure of any of the NoSql Databases i.e MongoDB / DynamoDB

    • Linux operating system administration

    • DevOps experience with Docker

    • Experience with AWS (S3, EC2)

    • Git version control

  • Good command of the English Language


  • The position will entail working on a mix of new feature development, updates to existing code, and addressing issues / fixing bugs as they are prioritized

  • Coding, reviewing, deploying, reflecting, updating -> rinse and repeat



Send your resume, cover letter in word format and salary expectations to

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